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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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with breaking news. said news for all of us here. our longtime colleague and friend ron smith passed away this evening. we have more on the remarkable life of ron smith. >> this is action news. >> ron smith spent most of his knife -- life with the wbal family. first, as a news anger between 1973 and 1980. >> just another scheme. >> then after a break, he worked as a stockbroker, he returned to radio in 1985. >> they were able to bomb from far away, which is what they do. >> run succeeded by staying on top of local and national
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politics. he stood firm on his principles, even if his listeners did not agree. he posed both wars in iraq. >> a war that has not gone as planned. >> and this year criticized action in libya. he had no problem taking on both political parties. in 2008, he called john mccain too angry to be trusted. barack obama, what is beneath? >> there is way too much debt. there is an and digestible a month of debt. >> this year, -- undigestable amount of debt in the world. >> the cat scan shows you have a tumor on your pancreas. >> the diagnosis came in mid-
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october. he continued working as long as he could. he loved what he did. he knew how lucky he was to have the chance to spend so much of his life pursuing it. here is the but -- here is what he wrote in april. "i have never been able to keep my mouth shut. i cannot keep step to myself. this makes me incapable of being a good corporate citizen. i am seen as a pain in the. it took years to figure of how to overcome the characteristic. luckily, there was talk radio." >> of course they maintain that. >> he called himself the voice of reason. he was 70. >> how do you know about that? >> our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. he is a man who will be missed. for those of you who would like to leave your thoughts, there is
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a link on our homepage at more tragic news, investigators say a man was gunned down outside of nordstrom's at the towson town center. we have been following the late breaking development. >> that man was shot to death on the sidewalk outside of nordstrom's there in a lull in traffic. -- during a lull in traffic. police have not found anyone who witnessed the shooting. plenty of people heard it. >> five or six gunshot. s. a few seconds, then a few more gunshots. >> a man was gunned down outside of the mall on the east side of nordstrom's. police blocked access to the garage as detectives searched
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for the shooter. >> they went inside the mall, began canvassing the entire mall, looking for somebody who may look panic or suspicious. >> investigators failed to arrest anybody. the mall remained open. many shoppers did not find out about the murder until they left. shoppers tried to come to grips with the site of the victim's body. >> it is shocking because it is in our backyard. this gives you a wake-up call. it is not safe. >> you do not want to come out. >> it is unclear if the man was a target of a robbery. the shooting and dampened the holiday spirit for many. >> towson is a good area to live. when people hear this, they are not going to want to come to the mall. >> the mall is closed. you can see there are two security guards out there.
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the mall has a sophisticated surveillance system. it is unclear if there is a camera trained on the exact spot. we are told that they have turned over video to the police department. this is not the first murder that has happened as towson town center. a man was killed here in 2005. we are told the mall will be open tomorrow. just to recap, the man who was killed was gunned down on the sidewalk behind me. he has not been identified. he is an african american man. police have not made any arrests. reporting live. >> thank you. police our best to be in a shooting involving one of their own after a home invasion. authorities say police responded this morning after a woman woke up to a masked, armed
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man in her home. investigators say the suspect dropped the victim before confronting police. an officer shot the intruder. >> you come to my house i am going to shoot you to. he did the home owner should you or a police officer should you. -- either the home owner shoots you or a police officer should cp >> no charges have been filed. -- shoots you. >> no charges have been filed. a man is recovering after a shooting in southeast baltimore. the victim was shot in the leg around 5:00 this evening. there is no word on his condition. that shooting comes on the heels of six shootings over the weekend. a 20-year-old man was shot just
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at the 11:00 last night, ending a violent weekend. police are concerned about the violence as the end of the year approaches. >> we are looking at whether robberies are a factor, neighborhood disputes. we have had a key weekends without any violence. we have continued to do what we do. we are going to keep doing that, no matter what the numbers are. we are going to be steadfast in our condition -- our commitment. >> police have invested a man in connection with the shooting of a cab driver early yesterday morning. gambling charges were made inactive in court today. the court -- in the case of an 86-year-old. a bartender and two customers face misdemeanor charges for
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illegal payout. s. military prosecutors barred of a digital evidence against an army intelligence analyst. an investigator testified he found them of the diplomatic cables and other sensitive information on a computer used by badlradley manning. some of the cables did not match those published by wikileaks. the battle over a payroll tax cut extension got hotter. house republican delayed a vote. gop lawmakers are refusing to go along. they say it is a one-year deal or no deal. 160 million americans may pay the price on january 1.
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>> house republicans are rejecting a bill that would give 160 million americans a tax break for another two months. >> the senate did their job. they produced a bill. the house disagrees with it. >> john boehner and his fellow republicans are demanding a full year extension. they are trying to shame the senate democrats and to commend back from vacation -- into coming back from vacation. >> are you willing to work over the holidays? >> democrats thought they had a deal. the bill passed by a wide margin in the senate on saturday. >> what we see is stalling on the part of those who would never for a payroll tax cut in the first place. >> what is happening is a partisan convulsion driven by
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the tea party. >> another showdown in washington. this time, one side is not even in town. harry reid says he is not willing to come back, not willing to negotiate until the house passes the extension bill. one maryland lawmaker is weighing in on the uncertainty in the international front after the death of kim jong il. the sudden death of the dictator ruled with an iron fist has sparked concern in the u.s. the ranking member on the house intelligence committee says very little is known about the son of kim jong-il who will succeed his father. >> he is young. they sent him to college in switzerland. it was a german college. he was only there for a short period of time. he was very low-key. he did not engage with a lot of students who were there. then one day he was gone.
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it took him back to north korea. >> they expect the younger kim will remain in military. they hope there will be an opportunity to convince north korea to be a more open society. a deal would have made them the largest cell phone provider in the nation. why did at&t miss its bid to buy a mobile? -- t-mobile. a new leader at john hopkins. >> it is hard around the holidays, that is all. it is hollen. i miss my son. >> a mother's desperate plea to find a person who gunned down her son. >> if you are hoping for a white christmas, there is a chance. here is a look outside. mostly cloudy. 50
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had at it, -- have at it. >> and orioles but feel the helped make the holiday by air. outfielder helped
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make the holiday happier. let's just seeing the smiles makes it all worthwhile. >> i'm excited and appreciative. we do not have a gift. trying to take care of your kids. >> the program brought baltimore city public schools helped the family slept a family. -- select a family. it has to be a lot of pressure taking over at johns hopkins. that is the task for paul rothman. he is currently dean of the harvard college of medicine at the university of iowa. university officials call him a visionary leader with a deep understanding of the many
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challenges facing health care. >> hopkins has wonderful traditions. i am committed to ensuring those are followed and maintained. >> he will join hopkins on july 1. he succeeds doctor edward miller. fbi headquarters in maryland, has a nice ring to it. the bureau is looking for a new home. problems with the facility in downtown washington have prompted the search for a new headquarters. they say congress would have to approve the $1.2 billion in relocation costs. there could be 12,000 jobs brought to the state. a mother is asking for the public's help as police search
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for the gunman who murdered her 27-year-old son five years ago. raymond brown, jr. was shot and killed on april 1, 2006. >> i do not know what to do anymore. it is hard to run the holidays. that is all. it is hard. -- it is hard around the holidays. that is all. it is hard. i miss my son so much. >> that a day goes by when his mother does not think about the bright future son had ahead of him. it was april 1, 2006 when police responded in west baltimore. once there they found brown suffering from one gunshot wound to the head. he would die at the scene. she is still haunted by the
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medical examiner's report. >> once in the head. twice in the job. twice in the mouth. once in the nose and the eye. it was 11 times altogether. >> he graduated from high school and graphics arts school. he did not have an extensive criminal record. his mother says each year it gets worse and worse knowing her son's killer or killers are still out there. >> they say they have no new leads. somebody knows something. >> now we enter another holiday season, it is another year without her son and another year not being able to heal and put this whole let me behind her. >> i want closure. i need somebody to come forward, come forward and tell me who
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killed my baby. please help me. somebody. i need closure. >> if this story has jog your memory in any way, the police department and his family are reaching out if you have information you are asked to call 410-396-2100. wbal-tv 11 news. at&t will end its bid to acquire t-mobile. they had proposed to buy t- mobile 4 $39 billion. the justice department sued to block the deal. at&t blames the black -- back out on the left of the airwaves -- backout on the lack of
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american airwaves. the weather was pretty nice. it was mostly sunny. the cuts the wind up at the end of the day to be there were a few spank -- the clouds thickened up at the end of the day. there were a few sprinkles. the chance of rain will go up. there could be a little bit of rain around for tomorrow morning. we can see that on the radar. coming out of west virginia. this is falling apart as it runs into dry air. some of this is going to make it over the bridge into baltimore. a chance for a couple of showers. it might be cold enough that you could see sleet. it will not be a big deal. the temperatures are going to be above freezing. we are close to 50 degrees. the average high temperature is 44.
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50 at the airport. 52 downside. as soon as that comes through, temperatures will drop off. we will bottom out at the upper- 30's. when you wake up, it will be in the of the best the puzzle. a chance for some rain shower in the over -- it will be in the upper-30's. a chance for some rain showers. south of this, the temperatures will be in the 50. north, 30's and 40's. this area of low pressure will catch up on wednesday. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. a chance for a few rain showers. maybe a little bit of sleep. the high temperatures will be in the mid-40's. we will take a look around the country and see what is happening in trouble. this is what it looks like on tuesday. there could be some rain and snow around st. louis.
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chicago, a mix of rain and snow. atlanta, there should not be any travel problems. then there should be dried tomorrow. it looks like a nice day -- denver should be dried tomorrow. it looks like a nice day in los angeles. mild on wednesday. winter starts at 12:30 on wednesday. if you are rooting for a white christmas, it is still a possibility. there is a storm coming up the coast christmas eve. a chance for a light rain or snow. the raven's need the forty- niners to turn the light up on the steelers. -- lights out on the steelers.
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or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. and now, sports with jerry sandusky. >> the ravens have to guard against another fallout from the loss in san diego. the strength of this team got rocked.
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the san diego chargers had the ball eight times and scored on every possession but two. they missed a field goal in boat docked in the fourth quarter -- eighth field goal in the fourth quarter. no pun. t. every team will have a bad game. the packers lost yesterday. when you lose this battle, you have to move past the damage quickly. the entire team played a role in losing control of its own plot destiny -- playoff destiny. >> rivers made some great throws. we did not stay on top of those riots as much as we would like to. we could max -- those routes as much as we would like to. we could mix those coverages. they did a good job with their
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downfield passing game. >> that brings us to our tax question. -- text question. the ravens manage to clinch a playoff spot. is your glass half empty or half full text a. if your glass is half empty. text be if the glass is half full -- b. if your glass is half full. the ravens need some help from the forty-niners. if the 49 is when, the reagans will stay in first place. -- if the 49ers win, the ravens will stay in first place. officials say they do not know what caused the outage. they get power restored. it delayed cocotte by 20 minutes. in the second quarter, -- they
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did get the power restored. it delayed the kickoff by 20 minutes. in the second quarter, the lights went out again. 6-3, 49ers ahead of the steelers. the outcome of this game could have a whole lot to do with where the ravens will play. hitting like a cart is more accurate. in dallas at cowboy stadium a runaway cart. it scooped up a man. he bailed out. nobody knows how the car got blues. seven people suffered injuries. the c --art got loose. the c --art got loose.
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a final look at the weather. >> we have a little bit in coming in tomorrow. a couple of showers. the best chance will be on wednesday. over the weekend, there might be like rain or snow. we will keep an eye on that. >> a lot of people are said tonight because of the passing of ron smith. a lot of thought headed to the
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family and condolences. there are so many people who have commented. he always spoke his mind. i find it incredible that he contended that with him in his last few months -- continued that with sharing his left you month. >> it summed up the greatness of his career. he always brought people together. you might not have always agreed. he forged a community. he was an integral part of this community. >> he was a break maryland figure. we do not know the funeral arrangements. -- he was a great maryland figure. we do not know the kindle arrangement. that is all for us.
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